Coppersfolly wasabi (55g jar)

Made with Care
Made in the South Island of New Zealand, purewasabi contains predominantly fresh wasabi rhizomes, with just a little grapeseed oil, lemon juice, citric acid and salt added. There are no artificial flavourings nor colouring. The wasabi is also free of any insecticides and fungicides and is grown in pristine conditions, mostly in running water.
Serving Suggestions
purewasabi is made from real New Zealand-grown wasabi (and zero horseradish), mixed with grapeseed oil and a hint of lemon juice. No artificial flavours or colours, just natural ingredients. The result is a subtly sweet and refreshing taste that’s a perfect accompaniment for freshwater king salmon sushi, or a juicy wagyu ribeye steak.
Our purewasabi paste comes in a 55g glass jar.