Soy sauce for salmon

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Freshwater king salmon has a unique taste and texture that is unlike any other. Many soy sauces can be overpowering to the subtleties of salmon from Mount Cook, so their Master Chef created this bespoke collection. The three sauces in the range complement and enhance, without overwhelming.
Ponzu sauce
Add some zest to your salads and seafood with a dash of this ponzu sauce. A delicate combination of shoyu and dashi, coupled with the subtle tanginess of yuzu makes this a beautifully aromatic and refreshing sauce. You can also use it as a light marinade or dressing for salmon and chicken.
Teriyaki sauce
This sauce has a gentle character that is neither too sweet nor overly salty. Infuse this ready-made sauce with fresh kaffir lime leaf to bring your teriyaki salmon to a whole new level. Or use it as the base for a quick vegetable stir-fry.
Tosa sauce
A fragrant and delicate Japanese style soy sauce. It was inspired by traditional recipes from the province of Tosa on Shikoku Island. Its subtle taste is perfect for accompanying sashimi and sushi or can be used with grilled salmon.
Each flavour comes in a 150mL glass bottle.