Tonzu organic tofu (300g)

Made with Care
Tonzu organic tofu is handcrafted using only three ingredients: activated whole soybeans, filtered water, and pure nigari (a coagulant traditionally used in Japan). With a rich nutty soybean flavour, you’ll be able to taste the difference straight away. Tonzu tofu is certified organic by BioGro, an internationally recognised and accredited mark.
Serving Suggestions
Tonzu organic tofu is a great alternative protein source that’s both natural and healthy for the whole family. For a quick, tasty dinner, add Tonzu tofu cubes to a simple vegetable curry for some plant-based protein. Or elevate your everyday salad by lightly marinating the tofu in soy sauce and gently pan-frying until golden brown.
Tonzu organic tofu comes in a 300g pouch to seal in the freshness. Once opened, place the remaining tofu in a bowl and cover completely with fresh water, changing the water daily. Best consumed within three days of opening.