Vegan coconut yoghurt

Made with Care
Our vegan yoghurt is hand-made and set in the pot using just two ingredients: premium coconut cream, and vegan cultures (including lactobacillus acidophilus). As a result, it’s free from highly processed additives, including carrageenan. The yoghurt is certified vegan by the New Zealand Vegetarian Society, while the coconut cream is sourced from established plantations.
Serving Suggestions
Dip in your spoon and savour the velvety texture of Doctor’s Choice. Decadently creamy on the tongue, you just have to taste it to believe it. If you prefer a less rich taste, whisk in a small amount of water or plant-based milk to achieve the perfect consistency.
Have a spoonful by itself, or with a slice of cake or bowl of cereal. For a simple but satisfying dessert, try a couple of scoops in a chilled bowl with a generous dollop of pure manuka honey. We dare you to find a healthier and more luxurious sweet course to end the perfect meal.
Our vegan coconut yoghurt comes in a 330g pottle.