8th TRIBE premium liqueurs

8th TRIBE premium liqueurs

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Description: Using only whole fruit grown in New Zealand, the distillers’ finely honed skills, 8th TRIBE Liqueurs take many months to create. For maximum enjoyment and to safeguard the natural flavours and aromas, store this bottle in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Four distinctly Kiwi flavours make up the 8th TRIBE range.

  • Feijoa - refreshingly tangy. This liqueur has the complex taste of ripe pineapples and fresh guavas, which leaves a warm, slightly tart, mouth tingling finish. A unique New Zealand taste experience.
  • Kiwi Gold - lusciously tropical. Tantalising flavours of ZESPRI® GOLD Kiwifruit feature in layers of complexity that you wouldn’t imagine possible. A positive cocktail of tropical flavours.
  • Kiwifruit - distinctively smooth. New Zealand’s best known and world famous fruit, the kiwifruit imparts a delicate, moderately sweet and stunning taste for a wonderful drink experience. Enjoy on its own or with your favourite mixer.
  • Dark Spice - exotically spicy. It is the walnut that creates the warm, smooth, seductive flavours of Dark Spice Rum Liqueur. Made extra spicy using native herbs like horopito. Like all 8th Tribe liqueurs, it contains no artificial colours or preservatives.

Craft: No artificial flavours, no artificial essences, no artificial aromas, no food colouring: only natural aromas and flavours.

Packaging: 50mL and 750mL bottles

Alcohol: 26%

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