Blue abalone

Blue abalone


Size: 80-100mm, ~14 per kg

Availability: Year-round

Catch method: Farmed in ocean waters

Taste: OceaNZ Blue abalone is sashimi grade, so you can serve it raw to experience the crisp sweetness in every bite. It can also be gently poached, steamed or lightly pan seared. With a uniquely vibrant blue shell and succulent meat blue abalone is revered by many top chefs.

Sustainability: The shellfish are farmed in the remote Northland region of New Zealand, using natural, ocean-fed waters. In recognition of OceaNZ Blue's adherence to best aquaculture practices, it has received certification from the ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council).

Packaging: 1kg vacuum pack

Shelf life: Our abalone are cryogenically frozen on site and can be kept for a year from the date of processing.

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