Diamond shell clams

Diamond shell clams

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As served by the Grand Hyatt and Duecento Otto

Size: ~25 pieces per kg

Availability: Year-round (blanched); March-December (live)

Catch method: Harvested from the 3-5m surf zone using a winnowing rake

Taste: Diamond shell clams are characterised by their sweet, fresh sea spray aroma. When cooked, the clam exhibits a fresh fragrant scent of seaweed with a rich, buttery flavour followed by a light nutty aftertaste. They're great for a broad range of preparations, both raw and cooked, including the classic spaghetti alla vongole.

Sustainability: Our clams have successfully undergone both fishery and chain-of-custody audits. As a result, the diamond clam fishery has been recognised as sustainable by Friend of the Sea.

Packaging: 500g vacuum pack (blanched); loose (live)

Shelf life: Two weeks from packaging (blanched) or three days (live), with proper handling

Tip Shellfish that refuse to open after cooking are not necessarily inedible. Pry them open and see if they smell off before throwing any out.

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