Greenshell mussels

Greenshell mussels


As served by the Grand Hyatt and JW Marriott

Size: 75-100mm

Availability: Year-round

Catch method: Grown in the cool southern waters of the Marlborough Sounds and Foveaux Strait.

Taste: Larger than the blue variety, our mussels boast succulent plump meat and a sweet marine taste. Because they're still live and kept in a sealed environment, the mussels are maintained in a New Zealand environment until you open them. Greenshell mussels are unique to New Zealand. The distinctive jade colour of the shell adds visual appeal to any plate. Greenshell mussels also have a unique combination of healthy fatty acids (omega-3, ETA, DHA and EPA) not found in any other marine or plant life.

Sustainability: Mussels from New Zealand are some of the most environmentally sources of seafood in the world. The only ingredient is the ocean waters in which the mussels are grown. The sea is naturally full of nutrients, so there's no need for additional feeding, hormones or GMOs.

Packaging: 800g pack

Shelf life: Twelve days from production with proper handling

Tip: Shellfish that refuse to open after cooking are not necessarily bad. Pry them open and see if they smell bad before throwing any out.

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