Freshwater king salmon

Freshwater king salmon

from 85.00

As served by Duecento Otto and Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View

Weight of whole fish: 3-5kg

Availability: Year-round

Catch method: Farmed in cold, mountain-fed lakes

Habitat: These king salmon are raised in a low-density environment in the clean waters of the New Zealand Southern Alps. The sparse population and remote location keep the fish naturally healthy without the need for antibiotics or hormones.

Taste: King salmon has an unforgettable flavour with a buttery umami that offers an incomparable mouth feel. It has the highest oil content of all salmon breeds, resulting in a greater concentration of healthy omega-3s.

Sustainability: We source from Mount Cook Alpine, which has been rated by Seafood Watch the most sustainable salmon farm in the world. Seafood Watch applies its rigorous standards to ensure fish are ecologically well managed and raised by methods that cause little or no harm to the environment.

Packaging: Vacuum pack. Select the multi-pack options for the best value.

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