Manuka honey UMF15+

Manuka honey UMF15+

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As featured by the Ritz-Carlton

Description: This honey is produced by Kai Ora, in the far north of New Zealand where the remote location and plentiful sunshine are key ingredients in the quality of the product. As further assurance, Kai Ora honey is independently tested in New Zealand to ensure it contains high levels of special chemical markers that make manuka honey unique.

Taste: Manuka honey's unique aroma is characterised by deep, earthy notes. Immediately noticeable on the tongue is the delicate crystallised texture, which breaks down in the mouth to release flavours of caramelised sugar, coupled with hints of ginger.

Craft: Kai Ora draws from a century's expertise in bee-keeping in its family's heritage; to this day, the company is still a family enterprise, three generations later.

Try first: If you're not familiar with pure manuka honey from Kai Ora, you can taste it at the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong's Ozone Bar where it's been artfully combined into an original cocktail.

Packaging: 250g and 500g plastic jars

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