Pure manuka leaf tea (25g)

Pure manuka leaf tea (25g)


Description: Manuka honey has long been recognised for its healing qualities. In fact, the plant features in traditional Maori remedies in which poultices are made from the branches. The natural anti-bacterial properties of the honey are also found in the leaves, which can help relieve cold symptoms.

Taste: For best results, steep the leaves in 90ºC water for a few minutes. The natural aromas of the leaves will be released to produce a pleasingly gentle taste reminiscent of pine. Like camomile, it has a calming effect and has also been known to settle upset stomachs and provide a good night’s sleep.

Craft: The fine leaves of the manuka bush have been carefully hand-picked and sun-dried to produce an exquisitely flavoured tea leaf. Other manuka teas have been mixed with fruits and fillers; ours is the only one to be made from 100% manuka leaf.

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