Organic juice cleanse

Organic juice cleanse

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Description: As they say, you are what you eat…or drink. Juice cleanses take this idea to a new level by providing the body with the natural ingredients it needs to purify itself. They’re a form of diet therapy that saturate your system with loads of nutrients so it can start afresh in a healthy state.

The juice for our cleanses comes from Soul Organics, which uses a cold process to turn its organically sourced fruit and vegetables into raw, unadulterated liquid goodness. Cold-pressed juices contain up to five times the enzymes and natural goodness found in heat-treated products.

High temperatures basically cook the juice, reducing its nutritional value. Each cleansing course is designed using a combination of four creative juice mixes to provide taste, as well as good health from every bottle. So try one today, whether you're a newbie to juice cleanses or a seasoned expert.

Each daily course contains 1.8L of liquid goodness: two 360mL bottles of Green is Mean and one each of Energiser Bunny, Super Juice and Zesty Kick to help you make a fresh, healthy start.

Tips: Before you start the cleanse, prepare your body by eating more organic raw foods, salads, and vegetables. And remember to consume the juices at regular intervals to allow all the nutrients to be absorbed throughout the day.

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