Organic Pacific oysters

Organic Pacific oysters

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As served by the Grand Hyatt, Arcane and Belon

Size: 60-75mm (small), 75-90mm (medium)

Availability: May-November

Catch method: Farmed in the pristine waters along the Clevedon Coast in the North Island of New Zealand

Taste: Their meat has a briny bite followed by a sweet taste and a mineral finish.

Sustainability: Our oysters are organically grown in USFDA-certified waters, and are processed in premises audited by the New Zealand food safety authority. Clevedon Coast, which produces these oysters, was the first farm in the world to obtain organic certification.

Packaging: Polystyrene carton

Shelf life: One week, with proper handling

Tip: Take care when opening oysters. It's best to use a proper oyster knife to avoid damage to both hands and utensils.

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