Storm shell clams

Storm shell clams

from 210.00

Size: ~15 pieces per kg

Availability: Year-round

Catch method: Harvested in the deeper regions of the surf zone (4-8 metres) using a winnowing rake

Taste: Storm shell clams have a distinctive angular shell, which is white with pale straw-coloured bands. The smoother deep cupped shell holds a clam which is almost two separate parts: a long white tongue and a deep ochre-coloured body. As a result, the storm features two distinct flavours in one shell. The tongue has a deep, rich aroma of fresh cream and a sweet, clean flavour of fresh scallop. The body has a deep, robust sea kelp aroma and an intense shellfish flavour, reminiscent of sea urchin and crayfish.

Sustainability: Our clams have successfully undergone both fishery and chain-of-custody audits. As a result, the storm clam fishery has been recognised as sustainable by Friend of the Sea.

Packaging: 1kg vacuum pack (blanched); loose (live)

Shelf life: Two weeks from packaging (blanched) and three days (live), with proper handling

Tip: Shellfish that refuse to open after cooking are not necessarily inedible. Pry them open and see if they smell off before throwing any out.

Try first: If you're not familiar with these clams, try them out on the menu at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong where they are being served.

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