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As served by Ho Lee Fook

Size: ~20 pieces per kg

Availability: Year-round

Catch method: Harvested in the wild using a winnowing rake in the 2-4 metre surf zone

Taste: Tuatua exhibits a delicate, sweet aroma of fresh kelp and toasted nori. The flavour of the raw clam is lightly oceanic with clean citrus notes. Cooked, the clam has a range of savoury characteristics, reminiscent of lightly smoked fish and Japanese soy.

Sustainability: Our clams have successfully undergone both fishery and chain-of-custody audits. As a result, the tuatua fishery has been recognised as sustainable by Friend of the Sea.

Packaging: 500g vacuum pack (blanched); loose (live)

Shelf life: Two weeks from packaging (blanched) and three days (live), with proper handling

Tip: Shellfish that refuse to open after cooking are not necessarily inedible. Pry them open and see if they smell off before throwing any out.

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