Chatham Island blue cod fillets

Also Known As
Sandperch, 筍殼魚
The blue cod fishery is managed under the Quota Management System (QMS), which is run by the New Zealand government.
Blue cod is a medium-textured white flesh with a low fat content, making it suitable for a variety of cooking methods.
Cooking Tips
Blue cod is a highly versatile fish and can be baked, pan-fried or steamed. For a quick meal, try cod en papillotes by putting a couple of fillets and your favourite vegetables and herbs on some greaseproof paper, sealing the ingredients into a little packet and baking in the oven.
There’s good reason Chatham Blue is sought out by top chefs around the world. With a delicate sweetness and fresh subtle oceanic tang, it’s just how you imagine cold water wild fish should taste. Glossy, moist and evenly textured, the white flesh of the Chatham Blue is firm yet fine, breaking off into lush, clean, well defined flakes. In the colder months when the fish fatten up, the flesh takes on a wonderful buttery richness which makes for superb eating.
Each carton contains 2kg of skinless, boneless fillets, which are blast frozen at source to lock in the freshness and flavour. There are approximately 11 fillets in each box, which are individually layered for easy separation.