White trevalla

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Weight of whole fish: ~4kg

Scientific name: Seriolella caerulea

Catch method: Trawl

Sustainability: White trevalla is more commonly known in New Zealand as white warehou. In other markets it is known as deepsea warehou, shiruba, Ginhirasu, or Cojinob. White trevalla is most commonly found south east of New Zealand, between the depths of 400 and 600 metres. Stocks are managedby the Ministry of Primary Industries using the New Zealand Quota Management System.

Preparation: White trevalla is widely considered a delicacy, highly sought after in top restaurants throughout Japan and around the world. The flesh is white, firm and is prized for its high foil content, rivalling that of black cod, or sablefish. It is often served as sashimi or cooked over a robata grill in the now famous miso marinade. In Japan, it's also sold as gifts in high end bento boxes.

Packaging: 2.5kg pack