Pacific oysters

Crassostrea gigas


As hinted by their name, these oysters are native to the Pacific coast of Asia. It has become one of the more popular oyster species, having been introduced into Australia, New Zealand, North America and Europe. They are known as miyagi in Japan, rock oysters in Australia and have been made famous by Gillardeau, a company that farms Pacific oysters and sells them under its own brand.

Most oysters produced in New Zealand are Pacifics, and are grown in both the North and South Islands. Oysters are at their best when the waters are cold, so the New Zealand season runs from May through to November around the winter months of the southern hemisphere. Ostreaphiles in the northern half of the world can therefore rely on a continuous supply of oysters even through their summer.  

New Zealand's cool waters and pure environment make for ideal conditions to grow oysters. As further reassurance of their sustainability, the Pacific oysters imported by 178 Degrees also carry an organic certification from AsureQuality.


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