Storm shell clams

Mactra murchisoni


Storm shell clams are found in the deeper regions of the surf zone, around 4-8m below the seabed. They are more widely dispersed than other surf clams, resulting in a lower yield. Harvesting is performed using a patented hydraulic technology to collect the clams from their natural habitat with minimal disruption to the shellfish and their environment.

Along with more than 100 other commercial marine species, mactra murchisoni is regulated under the Quota Management System. As further assurance of the species' sustainability, Friend of the Sea has also certified this fishery.

Storms at maturity are the size of an adult's palm, and weigh upwards of 200g apiece, including the shell. The meat of the clam consists of a prodigiously sized tongue in addition to its main body. There are superficial similarities to the cherrystone species, but they are in fact distinct from mactra murchisoni.


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