Paphies donacina


Tuatua are classified as surf clams, meaning they inhabit the part of the shore that is permanently under water. They are usually found at a depth of 2-4m in the surf zone. The typical size at maturity is 5-8cm in length.

Harvesting is performed using a patented hydraulic technology to collect the clams from their natural habitat with minimal disruption to the shellfish and their environment. Diamond shells are managed under the Quota Management System to ensure their ongoing viability as a commercial catch. These factors have been recognised by Friend of the Sea in their certification of the fishery's sustainability.

Tuatua have a distinctive mild marine flavour and a rich, creamy texture. They can be enjoyed raw or cooked in various ways: steamed, stir-fried, baked or as a chowder. Tuatua are a traditional food among the Maori, which is no surprise as the shellfish make for superb eating.

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