Our Mission
178 Degrees sources responsibly produced foodstuffs exclusively from New Zealand. The country’s pristine natural environment produces an abundance of good, honest food: stuff like freshly-caught fish, natural manuka honey, and free-range grass-fed meats.

Modern living has turned these simple pleasures into rare luxuries. Our mission is to share a taste of Kiwi life with you.
Our Partners
178 Degrees carefully selects suppliers that share our philosophy. The process involves personally visiting the farms, meeting the owners and understanding the work that goes into creating the finest produce.

We partner with suppliers who care deeply about quality and provenance. Many are family-run businesses, and like us, are committed to kaitiaki, the guardianship of the country’s natural resources.

Together we promote the New Zealand story of innovation and integrity to the world by sourcing only the highest quality foodstuffs and bringing it directly to your table.
Sustainability Matters
At 178 Degrees, we take sustainability and responsible resource management seriously. This means sourcing products from correctly managed farms and fisheries. Listed below are some of the certifications granted to the items we sell, ensuring they have been produced according to strict standards.
AsureQuality is owned and run by the New Zealand government. Its organic certification programme provides confidence that approved producers have met the most demanding standards of safety, ethics and environmental sustainability. So you can be confident that products labelled organic by AsureQuality are truly organic.
Certification from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is one of the most widely recognised accreditations for seafood sustainability. Our products that have been certified by MSC include hake, ling, albacore tuna and hoki.
New Zealand king salmon farms have been awarded  Seafood Watch's highest green label, meaning the fish are ecologically well managed and raised by methods that cause little or no harm to the environment. Indeed, king salmon from New Zealand are the first and only farmed salmon to have been granted a green rating from Seafood Watch.