1. Where does the name '178 Degrees' come from?
The East Cape is at the most easterly point of New Zealand. Its location at the longitude of 178°E makes it the first place in the world to welcome the sunrise each day.

2. What makes 178 Degrees different?
We take sustainability and responsible resource management very seriously. This means sourcing products from correctly managed farms and fisheries and ensuring the ethical treatment of animals by our partners.

3. Have you received official authorisation to sell foodstuffs?
Absolutely. Everything for purchase on our website has been approved by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department of Hong Kong, which has granted us permits to sell fish, poultry, meat, raw oysters, and other shellfish (see below for the licence numbers). All other items we stock are able to be sold freely without any permit.
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 o Shellfish 0318801539
 o Oysters 0318801548
 o Meat 0318801511
 o Poultry 0318801520