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Jac Wagyu
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We are now offering FREE Cutting service with choices of 1", 1.5" or 2"-thick steaks; and finished in vaccum-packed. Chilled or Frozen. You are welcome to let us know your preference by leaving message upon ordering or email us.
Jac Wagyu as the name behind premium 500days grain-fed PUREBLOOD Wagyu Beef. Indulge in pinnacle of wagyu beef with exceptional marbling, fine fiber texture, resulted in favorable consistently tender & tasty meat.
Jac Wagyu is a fourth-generation farming family located in the pristine pastures of the Bingara region in north-western New South Wales, otherwise known as Australia’s beef country. Their four properties are spread over 2,500 hectares, all the way through the lush and fertile Gwydir Valley. They consistently produce premium Wagyu beef through their tried and tested methods.
They are committed not only to caring of their soils, flora and fauna but will continue to work hard to improve them. A healthy farm will produce quality commodities and will go on providing a good life for generations to come.
Never-Ever administrated Hormone or Antibiotics, HGP-Free, Great source of Omega 6 and 3.