Provenance grass-fed lamb racks

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We source our lamb from Provenance, a farm situated in New Zealand’s high country that has completely transformed traditional farming.
At Provenance, comprehensive farming protocols ensure the biological life of the soil is constantly replenished so the land can be preserved for future generations. Sustainable land use is helped by natural inputs, minimal use of fertilisers and careful grazing.
Lambs are raised and cared for in a natural environment, freely ranging across hills and paddocks as they graze. They are well looked after and treated humanely and with respect. The result is exceptionally healthy animals.
Grass-fed meats are a healthier choice than grain-fed, and lamb is no exception. Lamb raised on natural pastures contain more omega-3s, which are beneficial for good heart health. In addition, lamb’s low carbohydrate content also makes it an excellent choice for keto diets.
Provenance lamb is 100% grass-fed and is free of antibiotics, GMOs and hormones. It has a distinctly delicate flavour that is less “gamey” than other lamb. A subtle sweetness complimented by ‘nutty’ undertones speaks of the unique terroir in which the lamb is raised. A silky smooth texture and fine marbling deliver wonderfully succulent, tender meat, with a clean finish on the palate.
Cooking Tips
The racks are cut from the best-end loin and smartly French-trimmed. Tender, tasty and juicy, they're a treat to eat. And being grass-fed, the meat is low in fat, while still a rich source of iron.
The classic way to prepare lamb racks is by roasting. Just lightly season the whole rack with freshly ground pepper, salt, and rosemary. Then place in the oven on high heat for 20-25 minutes to keep the meat juicy and pink. Rest for another 10 minutes, slice and you’re done!
Or, if you’re looking for something more decadent, try our herb-crusted lamb rack with red wine jus recipe and impress your dinner guests.
Each vacuum pack weighs between 800g and 1kg, and contains two pieces. Each piece has eight ribs.