Cold-smoked king salmon slices

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Weight of whole fish: 3-5kg

Scientific name: Oncorrynchus tshawytscha

Catch method: These king salmon live in cold, mountain-fed lakes, where they are farmed sustainably in a low-density environment. The clean waters of the New Zealand Southern Alps, low stocking densities and remote location keep the fish naturally healthy without the need for antibiotics or hormones.

Sustainability: We source from Mount Cook Alpine, which has been rated by Seafood Watch the most sustainable salmon farm in the world. Seafood Watch applies its rigorous standards to ensure fish are ecologically well managed and raised by methods that cause little or no harm to the environment.

Preparation: Aoraki Smokehouse uses a traditional Scottish method of smoking to produce the finest quality smoked salmon. The smoking process is long and slow, infusing the king salmon with a rich oak flavour, while retaining its smooth and silky texture. Serve it with a bread board accompanied with some cheese and fruit, or enjoy the beautiful smokiness all on its own. In addition to being a rich source of healthy fats, king salmon also contains a good amount of protein, while still being low in carbohydrates, making it an ideal component of a keto diet.

Packaging: 200g vacuum pack