A Sustainable Approach to Beekeeping

18th March 2019

Kai Ora Honey
are the producers of some of New Zealand’s highest quality manuka honey. A Maori family-owned business, Kai Ora was inspired by the vision of their late grandmother, and founded by their father Rapine Murray. Today, the company is run by Rapine’s children, Blanche Murray and her siblings.

Manuka honey is made when bees collect nectar from the manuka tree, or the New Zealand teatree, and bring it back to their hives. Often called ‘liquid gold’, not only does this honey have an bold and exciting taste (think rich caramel notes), it is also well-known for its natural anti-bacterial properties.

Maori traditions and culture run strong throughout the company. At the heart of Kai Ora’s business is the Maori concept of kaitiaki, which embodies the idea of guardianship over sky, sea and land. In other words, the earth and the environment are a sacred home which must be protected and respected.

Blanche and her siblings are all seasoned beekeepers and personally tend to their 1,200+ hives in Awanui, in the northernmost region of New Zealand. Environmental and social concerns at the core of their operations. The Murrays take care to not stress the bees and preserve the plants on which they rely. As the manuka tree is a hardy species and thrives in the harsh marine conditions of Northland, there’s no need for pesticides or fertiliser. As a local operation, the company contributes to the surrounding community through the creation of jobs and the nurturing of business and apicultural knowledge within the region.

We are proud to count Kai Ora as one of our partners, and with the sustainable and respectful approach that Kai Ora takes towards producing their beautiful manuka honey, it isn’t hard to see why.

A Sustainable Approach to Beekeeping