Better Fishing Family

15th January 2020

When sustainable fishing is mentioned around the world, New Zealand’s Quota Management System (QMS) is often cited. Under the QMS, a total allowable catch is set for each species every year to prevent overfishing and the endangerment of marine life.
But how do we know for sure that fisheries are adhering to these quotas? That’s where family business owner Karl Warr of Better Fishing comes in. By live-streaming his fishing practices and deck operations around the clock, Better Fishing takes transparency to the next level. Anyone can visit his website and watch exactly how he catches his fish. Not only does Karl show consumers where their seafood comes from, he also empowers them to make informed decisions about where to buy, and how these choices ultimately impact the sustainability of food resources.
At 178 Degrees, we believe that Karl’s commitment to transparency is the way forward for a truly sustainable food industry. It’s about producers and consumers collectively respecting the environment. Because ultimately, we are all responsible for taking care of our land and oceans.