East Rock gurnard fillets (skinless and boneless)

East Rock
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Also Known As
Sea perch, 蝴蝶魚
We source our gurnard from East Rock, a boutique fishery based in New Zealand’s East Cape. Their small inshore boats carefully harvest fish on short trips, to ensure your catch is delivered wharfside fresh. East Rock is passionate about delivering premium, traceable and sustainable produce from the ocean to your plate. Every fish can be traced back to the boat that caught it, and the area in which it was caught. Try our other East Rock fillets, including snapper and tarakihi.
The gurnard fishery is managed under Quota Management System (QMS), which is run by the New Zealand government.
Gurnard has succulent, medium-textured flesh with low oil content, and is suitable for most cooking methods.
Cooking Tips
Our gurnard is perfect in this healthy baked fish and chips recipe. Or for a simpler meal, lightly season the fish, pan-fry for a couple of minutes on each side, drizzle over a fresh herb butter sauce and serve with your favourite greens.
Our frozen gurnard fillets are skinless and boneless, and come pre-portioned in a 250g vacuum pack.