Blue cod fillets (skinless and boneless)

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Also Known As
Sandperch, 筍殼魚
The blue cod fishery is managed under the Quota Management System (QMS), which is run by the New Zealand government.
Blue cod is a medium-textured white flesh with a low fat content, making it suitable for a variety of cooking methods.
Cooking Tips
Blue cod is a highly versatile fish and can be baked, pan-fried or steamed. For a quick meal, try cod en papillotes by putting a couple of fillets and your favourite vegetables and herbs on some greaseproof paper, sealing the ingredients into a little packet and baking in the oven.
Our skinless, boneless blue cod fillets are quick frozen, and come in a handy 350g pack. Even better value when you buy more than one at the same time with the quantity discount.